Pearce Cemetery

Little White School Museum, 2017

The Pearce Cemetery, another family burying ground, was established in 1845 in the 
northeast quarter of the northeast quarter of Sec 17, Oswego Township on land owned by 
pioneer settler Daniel Pearce.  Daniel Pearce, along with this brothers John and Walter, 
and their brother-in-law William Smith Wilson were the first permanent settlers in 
Oswego Township, arriving in the spring of 1833.

The cemetery is situated just above Waubonsie Creek on Pfund Court, named after the 
Pfund family.

The first burial in the Pearce Cemetery was Josephine, the little daughter of Henry A. 
Clarke.  Clarke was an early settler, arriving in 1830s, who also kept store in 
downtown Oswego.  Clarke, too, was buried there following his death in 1862

Also buried in the cemetery are many members of the pioneer Pearce family, including 
Daniel and his wife.

The cemetery was owned by the Pearce Cemetery Association before ownership was 
assumed by Oswego Township. 

Pearce Cemetery is active.

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